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     Len Fagan was the Booking Director of the COCONUT TEASZER from 1987 through 2000.  Along with his small staff, he was the first booker on the Sunset Strip to offer first, and repeat, gigs to future stars such as  ALICE IN CHAINS, NIRVANA, URGE OVERKILL, GREEN DAY, WEEZER, HOLE, KORN, INCUBUS, PAPA ROACH, GOO GOO DOLLS, SPIN DOCTORS, ALIEN ANT FARM and many others.

     Fagan's must-attend industry showcase series, "L.A.'s Best Kept Secrets" (BKS) ran from 1988 through 1996.  His hit show gave A&R reps their first glimpses of countless bands, who soon after, signed major label deals.  Among some of those presented were:  STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, PRIMUS, FOUR NON-BLONDS, GIN BLOSSOMS, TOOL, TOAD THE WET SPROCKET.  It was shortly after the BKS series began that Len accepted an A&R position with Sony Records.  

     Fagan gave extended weekly residencies to dozens of bands    (long before their record deals),  ranging stylistically from  THE WALLFLOWERS to ALIEN ANT FARM.  In fact, when featured in articles in Rolling Stone Magazine, both bands gave credit to Len Fagan for giving them their first "break".

     Fagan's hard work, ingenious style, and perserverance convinced the original members of legendary Frisco band, MOBY GRAPE, to re-unite for a two night stand at THE COCONUT TEASZER.  Len's list of classic, all-time great artists he presented at the TEASZER is almost encyclopedic.  They include:  BO DIDDLEY, THE CHAMBERS BROTHERS, ARTHUR LEE & LOVE, RON WOOD, MICK TAYLOR, IAN McLAGAN, BLUE CHEER, BONNIE BRAMLETT, RON ASHTON (of THE STOOGES), SYLVAIN SYLVAIN (N.Y. DOLLS), members of MC5, JOHNNY THUNDERS, TERRY REID, JACKIE LOMACK, BRIAN AUGER, and a special STRAY CATS reunion.  Those legends, and others, all appeared on the small COCONUT TEASZER stage.

     Former BLACK CROWE guitarist, Marc Ford, has given Fagan credit for Ford's late 80's band, BURNING TREE, signing with Epic Records, which eventually led him to his BLACK CROWES membership.

     This past year, Fagan gave weekly residencies to both PORECLAIN (from Australia) and OFF LIMITS (the desert community of Lancaster, California).  Both bands have been appearing at CLUB LINGERIE for many months, as of this writing (April, 2004).  Both bands have developed strong followings, generated positive press (L.A. Times, L.A. Weekly, Rock City News, All Access Magazine) and industry attention.  "That's where the gratification of this job comes in" Fagan enthuses.  "Finding a band with extraordinary potential, giving them regular gigs to develop, nurturing them, and watching them progress.  When the time is right, I'll usually pick up the phone and call journalists, managers, and A&R reps.  Helping a deserving band reach their goals is very fulfilling for me" he adds.  

     For that purpose, Len Fagan is particularly excited about the re-launching of his very successful "Best Kept Secrets" showcase series, held once per month at CLUB LINGERIE.  "For quite some time, I'd been hoping that MUSIC CONNECTION Magazine would work with me on these showcases, and after several long meetings with MC publisher, Michael Dolan, and editor, Eric Bettelli --- where we discussed the importance of showcasing artists of the highest caliber --- we kicked off the first showcase on April 18, 2004, under the banner "Music Connection's Best Kept Secrets".  Esteemed industry vet and MC writer, Bernard Baur and I work closely together, selecting acts that will match up well together, and the entire MC staff are strongly supportive", Fagan informs.

     Fagan usually doesn't book Rap, Hip-Hop, angry Punk, or Speed Metal, for numerous reasons, one of which, he admits,  is that "I just don't understand those genres very well, so I think it may be best I avoid them".

     Fagan invites bands and acoustic artists that he might appreciate, to send prom paks to him.  He stresses the importance of including a phone number within the kit, separate from on the CD itself.  "I listen to everything submitted and write my impressions into a special log book, so I can refer to those notes when I, later, talk with the act by phone", he reminds.

     Fagan says he does not work by E-mail because "I want to get a feel for the kind of people I'll be booking, and I can't do that via computer.  I want to be more personal, and hopefully establish friendly relationships with the artists I work with".

     Len particularly enjoys booking CLUB LINGERIE because "The entire staff over there are very artist friendly.  And when, after a few gigs there, the staff gets to know you and become fans of your music, they become really supportive.  Plus the sound system is very strong, the stage is large and high off the ground, parking is easy, comfortable booths line the perimeter of the room, with sofas also close by, there is a nice balcony, and even a smoking lounge, also with sofas".

    Fagan began his music career as an 18-year old, when he became drummer for THE MUGWUMPS, playing on singles and also the soundtrack for the cult film, "Mondo Hollywood", in which he also appeared.  Later, he landed major label deals with bands WICHITA FALL (Liberty/MCA), DANCER (Elektra), and STEPSON (ABC/Dunhill).  He also occupied the drummer's throne for a period, with legendary ARHUR LEE & LOVE, as well as touring/gigging, and recording with original members of IRON BUTTERFLY, THREE DOG NIGHT, THE MOTHERS, guitarist Leigh Stephens from BLUE CHEER, and other notables.  Two of his songs, co-written with Chris Hillman of THE BYRDS, achieved Gold Record status, and other Fagan compositions have been recorded by major label artists. 

     "I believe my years spent as a musician enables me to relate to artists more easily, since I understand things from their perspective and know and sympathize with what they are trying to achieve", Fagan states.

     Fagan's slogan is, "Quality and integrity matter!", and he says, "I try to live by that motto".



LEN FAGAN  13000 Valleyheart Drive, Apt.#2, Studio City, CA 91604